Turtle Without a Shell - Paperback

by Ryan Maloney (Author + Illustrator)


This is a book about Toby the turtle who was born without a shell. When the other turtles make fun of him, Toby decides to try on different items to take the place of the shell. Toby tries on some hilarious items in his quest to fit in, but in the end, (spoiler alert), Toby decides he’s pretty happy just the way he is. This paper back book is a quick, fun read before bed time.

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Book Info

Reading Age

2-8 Years

Page Length

45 pages



Grade Level

Pre-2nd grade

This is my sons favorite book, he loves it!!
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Behind The Book

Turtle Without a Shell was the first book I wrote and illustrated. I simply put pen to paper and this story flowed out almost as fast as you can read it. I did have a few hiccups along the way and made some rewrites. This book sat on the shelf for a couple of years until a couple of people found it and told me they liked it. I never thought of it as a legit book. I need to write more books without thinking.