Pancake, Pennsylvania - Hard Cover

by Ryan Maloney (Author + Illustrator)


Peak into this peculiar, alliterative, rhyming,  picture book about a town obsessed with pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!

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Book Info

Reading Age

2-8 Years

Page Length

52 pages



Grade Level

Pre-2nd grade

This book is creative and fun - both of our kids loved it!
Terrific illustration and a unique story about a fun world, highly recommend it!
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Behind The Book

The idea for this book came about when I was watching my two year old son eat a mile high stack of pancakes. After a couple of failed attempts at writing a book about climbing a stack of pancakes, a peculiar line popped in my head. When I put the idea of an obsession of pancakes together with a back story loosely based on my home town’s obsession with Buffalo Bills football, this story began to piece itself together.