Ice Cream Robots - Hard Cover

Picture Book
by Ryan Maloney (Author + Illustrator)


Mad Vlad was a very strict, passionate ice cream shop owner. But then one day, ice cream robots move in next door, attracting the crowds of people that once lined up at his door. In this rhyming picture book, kids will see how Mad Vlad chooses to react when he is down and out. A quick read, this book packs in laughs and takes kids on an emotional journey to teach them about resilience in the face of adversity. Great for kids of all ages, especially kids who LOVE ice cream.

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Book Info

Reading Age

2-8 Years

Page Length

33 pages



Grade Level

Pre-2nd grade

Love these books! What imagination. My grandchildren won't let me put them down.
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Look Inside

Behind The Book

Mad Vlad is based off of a real ice cream scooper on the Upper West Side in NYC. I fictionalized his character and transformed him into an angrier version of the real ice cream scooper. I’m drawn to characters who take what they do very seriously, and this ice cream scooper was on top of his game. ‘Ice Cream Robots’ came about when I wondered, what would he do if his ice cream scooping job was automated? I’m sure we would find a way to do what he loves, anyway he can.